Hi. Welcome to my Paris photo album. The last few years I have been stopping here on my way to or from Greece and though I can't claim to be an expert on Paris I probably know more about it then you do if you have never been there. The first thing is to be sure to go in the off-season. That way you won't run into the kind of people you left America to get away from. We seem to always come in November. Not that we plan to, it just works out that way. This photo is at the Deux Magots, a cafe famous for all the famous people who hung out here from Hemingway to Camus and Picasso. Now it is pretty much of a tourist place and you can find better and cheaper cafes to hang out at. But if you come to Paris in the off-season you will sometimes find the outdoor tables empty and it is a good place to people watch and read the International Herald Tribune. Well actually this is a posed shot. As you can see there is no coffee or wine on my table. But I had breakfast here once because it was close to our hotel and it was the only place I had ever heard of besides Cafe De Flore on the next corner, which was more expensive. So we sat inside below the two magots which are actually two Chinese statues and not larvae.